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Creative Brief

Creative brief

Creative brief

A well thought out creative brief is imperative no matter the scale of your project. From quick turnarounds to long drawn out projects, a solid creative brief is the one document all parties refer to throughout the life of a project. 

This is your first step before any copy is written, photos are taken, or brainstorming begins. Please take your time to consider the questions here.

Your details *
Your details
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Contact number
Include a tagline if applicable
(i.e., age, gender, geography, income bracket, marital status, sexuality; list your audiences from primary, secondary to tertiary)
Provide website URLs from competitors
What is your Unique Selling Point? i.e., price, location, quality, speed, ease
Do you have an existing logo or brand identity?
If yes, please supply me with a visual. Email
Please list colours and reasons
Please list colours and reasons
What is the impression is should leave in their mind
Give examples of existing logos you think might be appropriate for your business