Founded in January 2012 by Sofia Delgado, Instagramers Dublin is the official community of Instagramers in Dublin; part of Instagramers worldwide network - the biggest mobile photography community using the Instagram app.

Instagramers Dublin is an inclusive and active community supporting local Instagramers through the promotion of their work in their network. But we are more than just that, they are a community in the true sense of the word; by bringing people together face to face under a shared dual purpose; the love of photography and the love of Dublin. 

I first engaged with Instagramers Dublin almost a year ago now. It was Culture Night 2016 and I came across this group who were going to meet that night and do a walking tour of some of Dublin's famous sites that were open to the public. It sounded like a lot of fun - if not a little intimidating. No matter how confident a person I think I am, meeting a bunch of strangers to walk around town for a few hours, would rattle anyone's confidence. Especially a bunch of budding or practising photographers.

Despite all those fears, the night was a great success and I have been to a couple of events since. I met some lovely people, some of which I just seem to keep bumping in to at different places around Dublin (yes you Bianca!). I've also watched some of those who I met that night have their photography talents take off and get great exposure through the community. While for me, that was never my aim, it's been great to see their passion and achievements and to be opened up a new creative community as a hobby.

The most recent walk I attended was a few weeks ago where we explored Dublin 7, in association with Jameson Distillery and Blue Fire Festival. The aim of the walk was to showcase the people and places of D7 with an exhibition to be held, in Jameson, now in September with the top fifteen photos being displayed. 

I'm more of a 'people' photographer than 'places', so for me it was all about the characters and charm. D7 (Stonybatter - Smithfield), up until recent times, was little talked about and was very much a working class area of North Dublin. But thanks to gentrification it's now synonymous with Dublin hipster-ism. Alongside the greasy spoons and long time residents; real inner city characters, you will find health conscious coffee shops, hot yoga studios, and youthful yummie mummies with their designer babies and buggies. If you want to read more about the area check out this Guardian article from last year.

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