Letterpress | Project Four

Project three completed, it was time for some new ideas for my next project. I would have time to complete it and one more before the end of the eleven weeks. I wanted to do something a little more light hearted seeing as my last project was very personal and reflective. I also wanted to do something that Donegal people could relate to.

I'm regarded by my work colleagues as being very patriotic to my native county - and I won't disagree with them. They are also always amused at some of the words I use and some of the phrases I have for different situations. It makes us from Donegal a little unique. Most counties have their own way with words but some of the Donegal ones are definitely a little peculiar.

I spent sometime jotting down some phrases, honing in on the ones which would be the most common but a few more obscure ones too. I also started to take a look at larger forms of wood type available in the studio and tried a few different options that would work within a really lovely capital D I found in a serif font.


Before I started to typeset the rest of the project, I wanted to make sure that I properly sized the paper this time. I didn't do that in the previous projects. I thought that the paper provided would in A Size but it's not. Its produced to an old size format to fit the presses. Something I would never of guessed, only when I went to frame project three and I wouldn't fit a standard A3 frame. Once I worked out the paper sizes and had them cut to size, I then proceeded to typeset. 

This part would forma lower case 'd' and would sit at the bottom right of the page. To the right of this would be an uppercase title.

This would be another two stage print. The first week the green Donegal part would be printed followed by the grey metal type. I picked a very vibrant green which looked amazing when put on the rollers. The texture of the prints was great and I didn't need to make any updates.

Locking up the metal type proved quite a chore as I had given Mary the arduous task of fitting in an odd number layout, which was an oversight on my part. All furniture is even in number so there was a lot of fiddly work to get it just right. Once this was set, the paragraph had to be proofed and positioned correctly. Once this was finalised it was hit print! 

I love this print and how its turned out. Its very bespoke to Donegal but that's what makes it special. There is no other one like it! In the end I have a limited edition of ten prints. I would really like to think that I could actually sell these and pass them on so someone has it on their wall. So watch this space!