Letterpress | Project Five

Project five would be my last project in my Letterpress course. We were limited in what we could do in the last two weeks, so I planned on using wood type only and do a small print, this time in A4 (I am starting to run out of wall and storage space in my small bedroom!) .

I have a Pinterest board called 'That's Life', so I thought I'd take a statement from there. Something inspirational! 

Great things never came from comfort zones

A little applicable to the past eleven weeks in a way. I knew nothing about Letterpress. I was mystified by it (still am!) but it was a great chance to get out of my comfort zone and do something a little different. And it's been totally worth it.

We would be tight for time on the last night as all five of us would want to print something, so one of the girls decided she would do a split duck colour of blue and pink. I'd been thinking of doing the same so to save on time I jumped on the bandwagon and used her colours. Her print would be A3 so a greater span of colour would be visible. With mine it would be a lot more subtle.

And that's a wrap!

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