The iPhone year

So we're already well over two weeks in to 2016 so this is coming a little late in the day but I wanted to reflect a little on my photography activity of 2015.

First off, I got my first ever iphone and secondly I sold all my Nikon equipment. I took probably less than twenty photos on my Nikon D300 in twelve months. How come? Bloody arthritis! I spent a few days in Rome in early August and managed to take only two photos with my camera because I was in so much pain. So the rest of my holiday was spent documenting everything and everyone with my iPhone. This was the norm for 2015. 

It's been, pardon the pun, painful to watch this happen but it's made me think a little outside the mainstream camera box if I want to take photos again - not in a professional capacity - but as a much loved hobby.

Enter CSC cameras.

I know several professional photographers here in Dublin who are using mirror-less cameras are the moment for similar reasons to me and have recommended that I go down this avenue. Both Fuji and Sony are on the forefront of CSC cameras at the moment. If budget wasn't an issue then I would be going for the Sony A7rii with a 55mm lens from Zeiss. But as budget IS an issue and as a hobby user, I am planning to get the Fujifilm X-T1 with a 35mm lens. As this is a cropped sensor, it will crop to 53mm. 

In the meantime the iPhone6 is my main camera of choice and below is a review of some of my most favourite and popular snaps from 2015.